The symbols of micronation

What are our attributes and what they represent.

The flag

The flag represents the various elements of the principality. The blue band is the image of the prince while the red band represents the strength of our convictions.

Coat of arms

Our coat of arms is made up of various elements, each with their own meaning. The central shield flocked with the initials of the name of the micronation represents the origins of coats of arms, dating back to the times of chivalry. The flowers added around the shield represent the sustainability of the principality. Finally, the central crown represents the Prince, while the two surrounding crowns represent the Ministers.

The government

The officially elected Prince is Prince Thomas de Vandewal, co-founder of the Principality and his official image.

The Ministers currently in place are Lucas Raynaud and Hugo Gasselin. Both also play an advisory role to the Prince on how micronation should be managed.

Our territory

The principality claims a star in the galaxy. Although it is not clearly designated, the principality claims a star close to the Sun. Its space is then equitably shared between each citizen, including the government. The only remaining element is an unshared space, a central area: the voting place.
The voting place is, as its name suggests, the central place of the star where the new laws are judged. Each official adoption of the law must take place either at the polling place, or in a relegated place on Earth, previously announced by the government.