The Vandewal Principality is a micronation for peaceful purposes.

We wish to maintain peaceful diplomatic relations with each micronation which is also peaceful.
We will only form treaties if the micronation you represent is not at war with another nation.

Vandewal Principality is member and founder of FV Alliance

Mutual Recognition Treaties :

Kingdom of North Barchant
Grand Duchy of Flandrensis
Aerican Empire
Great Chi Empire
Republic of West Who

Principauté de Ferthroy
Free State of Sabini
Kingdom of Unova
Lochaber and Glencoe Monarchy
Bardo Micronation
Rebellious Republic of Europa
Luminor Empire
Kingdom of Wachidia
Republic of Suverska
Republic of Scoria
Grand Duchy of Sililand

Alliance :

Principauté de Ferthroy - FV Alliance

Diplomatic requests:

Recognition treaty: Please write to us below, attaching the link to your micronation website.
Question about our commitments: Please write to us below, indicating your request.
For all other requests: Please write to us below, indicating the content of the request in the message header.

We make sure to respond as quickly as possible.
You can also reach us at the following email address: vandewalprincipality@gmail.com