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Principality of Vandewal

Micronation founded in 2018, without physical borders, advocating freedom and equality for all, a free and anonymous internet, and the right to happiness of its citizens.

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Free and Open Source Internet

Our commitment on this point is essential. We want the Internet to remain a space open to everyone at all times, so that everyone can enjoy it regardless of their situation.

Net neutrality

We are also committed to promoting Net Neutrality, thereby perpetuating the origin of the Internet: a place for exchange and sharing.

No gender concept

We hope that everyone can feel at home in the Principality. In this perspective, any notion of gender is removed from official documents.


We prohibit all forms of racism, homophobia and all other forms of extreme incivility.

Freedom and equality

The Principality of Vandewal is dedicated to being an area of freedom and equality between its citizens. According to the Constitution, all citizens are born and remain free and equal.

Make the world a better place

The principal goal of the Principality is obviously to assert its convictions so that one day public opinion adopts all these measures in which we believe.

Vandewal Principality is member of the Union Against Micronational War and the Micronational Organisation for Asexual Visibility

Our Borders

The principality claims a star in the galaxy. Although it is not clearly designated, the principality claims a star close to the Sun. Its space is then fairly shared between each citizen, including the government. The only thing left is an unshared space, a central area: the voting place.
The place of the vote is, as its name suggests, the central place of the star where the new laws are judged. Each official adoption of law must be held either on the place of the vote, or in a relegated place on Earth, previously announced by the government. 


Vandewal Principality is member and founder of FV Alliance, 

 an inter-micronational alliance aimed at promoting the micronational environment among young people and promulgating visions of equality. Originally founded by the Principalities of Ferthroy and Vandewal, the alliance is open to other members.


Beyond all ...

The Principality of Vandewal exists for us because we believe in our convictions.
But all of this must remain entertainment.


On June 21st, 2020, the Principalities of Ferthroy and Vandewal had the first meeting of FV ALLIANCE. 

You can find all the details of the meeting in the press release opposite or on:


LGBTQ + Rights Treaty

On June 7th, 2020, the government has launched an international initiative to support and strengthen the rights of people from the LGTBQ + spectrum. The LGBTQ + cause is very important to the government and it seemed logical that we should work to develop the cause. Thus, we launched the LGBTQ + Rights Treaty, an international treaty that each nation can sign and which commits the signatory nations to take actions in favor of LGBTQ + people.

Here are the nations that signed the treaty :
- Vandewal Principality
- Free State of Sabini
- Ferthroy Principality
- Chi Empire
- Republic of Utopia
- Bardo Micronation
- Republic of Suverska
- Kingdom of Wachidia
- Republic of Scoria
- Kingdom of Ebenthal 



Do you want to become a Citizen of the Principality? We invite you to first read the Constitution and the history of micronation.